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  Kronen: International Online Customer Days 2021 Live and in operation, Kronenwill be presenting solutions for the food pro- cessing industry from 4th to 7thOctober 2021. There will be novelties and live machine demonstrations on the agen- da of this purely virtual Customer Days hosted by the family-owned company from Kehl at the Rhine. Participants from all over the world will be able to acquire a great deal of expertise through specially selected on- line workshops. In addition, one-to-one demonstrations together with KRONEN specialists as well as discussions will provide plenty of exchange of ideas and interaction. This year, the Customer Day celebrations will focus on machine demonstrations. Technologies for processing salad, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, vegan substitutes, and baked goods will be presented. During the four days participants can choose from a varied programme of workshop webinars as well as live machine presentations. Participants with special products or requirements can be given demonstrations on machines of their choice in an individual live appointment. Furthermore, the team at KRONEN is ready to provide an extensive amount of application-related, innovative exper- tise, for example on the following topics: EVENTS (Source: Kronen) • Hygienisation of water, air and product: an overall concept for hygiene and shelf life. Solutions for the hygienization of whole fruits and vegetables in the DECONWA Prep; Solutions for the hygienization of products and process water with Citrocide; Solutions for hygienizing dry surface disinfection using the UVC Lock. • Intelligent solutions for the monitoring and control of machines and networked systems (Industry 4.0). • Application of robots in Freshcut using avocado, for example The online Customer Days designed for the international industry will be held in English, however all workshops are available in the following four lan- guages: English, French, German and Spanish. Customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can also register, since originally the first event for the German- speaking region was to be held in June. However, due to the pandemic, which had caused hesitation in registering, KRONEN has now decided to combine both events and offer a joint platform for all countries in autumn. Stephan Zillgith, spokesman for the Management at KRONEN said, “We have received feedback from some areas in the industry that there was currently no demand for an event. Due to the pandemic, companies are cautious at the moment, waiting to see how the situation develops - understandably, and thus, the demand has not been as high as anticipated. We are delighted with the registrations we have received and the respective interest. Naturally, registered participants will be personally advised during individual appointments. Moreover, we are therefore inviting all interested companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to take part in the joint international Customer Days in October.” “It is important to us at KRONEN, that interaction on a personal level and individual consultations are also possible during a purely online event. For this reason, we have question and discussion sessions after each workshop. Also, anyone who wishes is welcome to attend machine dem- onstrations as part of an individual appointment, in order to talk through their requirements or products in a live dialogue with a KRONEN expert. Naturally, our worldwide representa- tives will be available for their regional customers.”, added Zillgith. Online registration is available from mid-August. Application deadline is 24th September, 2021. AMEFT 3 2021 101 

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