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product development and marketing, there is no doubt that a huge market remains untapped. Entering this market is not for the faint-hearted. Different stages of mar- ket development, recognition and ap- proval around the world present chal- lenges to the development of a large market with common standards. The limitations and prohibitions on dif- ferent products in different countries (and even states) prevent the export of even successful products from one region to another without meeting a whole new range of tests and ap- provals, but despite the difficulties, legislation and licencing requirements around the world things are becom- ing clearer all the time and a number of consultancies operate in different countries to provide help and advice. Technical challenges Not all marketing focuses on the cannabis and CBD associations, with some manufacturers simply referring to their products as containing ‘hemp seed extracts,’ possibly in a bid to em- phasise the natural associations of their product. However, CBD extraction and isola- tion are usually industrial processes and many of the functional ingredients which are produced aren’t soluble. To overcome this, it is necessary to produce an emulsion, which requires careful handling during processing. Traditional high-pressure homogeni- zation is suitable for products where clarity is not an issue, but for infused waters and similar drinks, a number of proprietary ‘nano technologies’ have been developed to create stable prod- ucts. The technical challenges do not just revolve around the issues of product formulation. The exact nature of the compounds found in the plant, and which can be extracted, can vary ac- cording to the growing environment of the plants and how they are pro- cessed. In some countries, such as Canada, product approval is depen- dent on being able to prove product consistency, something which is often easier said than done. Product stability is another area where care needs to be taken. Other regions, such as Europe, classify products as novel food and so stability of the product from manufac- turer to consumption must be proven. Scaling-up production Heat exchangers play a key role in the manufacture of many beverage products, and cannabis infused drinks have the same requirements for pas- teurization, sterilization, cooking or cooling as any other beverages which contain specific ingredients. High-Temperature, Short - Time (HTST) pasteurization techniques help to preserve the flavour and texture (including the crucial emulsion) of many drinks, while cooling can involve chilled water or specific materials such (Source: HRS Heat Exchangers) (Source: HRS Heat Exchangers) FOCUS BEVERAGES   Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director, HRS Heat Exchangers as glycol. Evaporation using heat ex- changers is also an efficient method of concentrating products to achieve the required formulation. Recapturing and reusing heat from other sources (such as surplus heat from cooling operations or spare boil- er capacity) can be an effective way of increasing capacity or adding a new production process without the need for major new heating or energy infra- structure. Depending on the applica- tion, HRS Heat Exchangers’ equipment has been shown to recover as much as 50% of previously wasted heat, which can then be used for water, space or process heating, waste treatment or other thermal applications. The type and model of heat ex- changer will depend on many different factors, such as the nature of the pro- cess to be carried out (pasteurization, sterilization, dehydration, etc.) and the viscosity of the drink being processed, but HRS has a complete range of prod- ucts from simple tube-in-tube designs to reciprocating scraped-surface de- signs, all of which combine efficient heat transfer with delicate product handling; ensuring that products re- main in emulsion and that the product does not foul the equipment. Whether you are setting up a produc- tion line or looking to expand into new markets, HRS has the proven technology to help produce your CBD drink. (Author: By Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director, HRS Heat Exchangers) * driving_boom_in_CBD_and_cannabis-infused_drinks.html AMEFT 3 2021 21 

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