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  Decotubes milk white from ECC- Barry Callebaut Megacurls ECC - Barry Callebaut  B BA A K K E E R RY Y , , C CO ON NF FE EC C T The Barry Callebaut Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, in strategic acquisition ex- pands the Group‘s value adding spe- cialties capabilities, allowing Barry Callebaut to cater to the increasing demand from food manufacturers for highly customized specialty chocolate and decorations. The integration announced in June 2021 is expected to close in the coming months, and will strengthen Barry Cal- lebaut’s specialized chocolate molding capabilities and allows the Group to of- fer tailor-made solutions. This is possi- The world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, Barry Callebaut’s manufacturing capabilities grows as it acquires Europe Chocolate Company (ECC). (Source: Barry Callebaut Group) ble because of the advanced in-house developed technology of the newly acquired Europe Chocolate Company (ECC) - a privately-owned B2B manu- facturer of chocolate specialties and decorations in Belgium. ECC has been manufacturing spe- cialty chocolate ingredients since 1993. Today, ECC produces a wide range of industrial specialty chocolate and decorations in multiple taste and color variations including batons, curls, chunks, leaves, and shavings. Its flex- ible production setup allows it to sup- ply a wide variety of customers such (to be continued page 30) (Source: Barry Callebaut Group) TI IO O N NE ER RY Y & & S SN NA A C C K KS S Dark Leaves from ECC - Barry Callebaut ECC acquisition strengthens Barry Callebaut (Source: Barry Callebaut Group)    26 AMEFT 3 2021 

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