Page 38 - Ameft Journal 2021-III
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    3 3 P PH 8 8 A HO O T T O O F A M FE ME E A EF AT FT TU T3 3 2 UR RE 20 0 2 E  2 1 1 (Source: Uelzena) Uelzena, the German dairy ingredients for global B2B customers During the last decade, Uelzena Ingredients, the high quality dairy ingredients specialist for the food industry, have grown from a regional dairy to become a part- ner of the European food industry. It arrays a large range of different and often unique milk process- ing technologies, and its prod- ucts guarantee the great taste of branded products such as baked goods, sweets, delicatessen, ice cream and many more, are guided by cooperative values. 

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