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 M MA AR RK K E E T T& &N N E E W WS S ENFLEX enters the Latin American market One of the biggest and techno- logically advanced packaging gi- ants in the world, Volpak introduces its brand Enflex in the Latin Ameri- can food market. Enflex is dedicated to the development of automated machines for pouch forming, filling, and packaging, and the company Enflex packaging solutions for the Chilean brand Gourmet operates in the global market, of- fering customized systems based on the client’s needs, while taking into consideration end consumer trends and individual countries’ specifici- ties. To the South American market, Enflex offers a portfolio of solutions aimed at the food industry that are (Source: Volpak) centered on flexibility and produc- tion efficiency. The Latin American market, today and tomorrow Enflex solutions are currently in use by many customers in the South American market, including Gourmet - a Chilean brand working in the food industry and offering a wide variety of products ranging from dehydrated soups and creams, pastry products, to condiments, spices and liquid items such as soy sauce and other emul- sions. More specifically, the Enflex technol- ogy is used by Gourmet for the pack- aging of condiments, soups, and con- fetti in three different pouch formats, capable of integrating a “zipper” type closing/opening system. The flexibil- ity of the solutions employed by the Chilean company is such that it allows them to package more than 40 dif- ferent types of products on the same machine, while following the highest standards in terms of safety, hygiene, and reliability. The company currently employs several Enflex units, including two (Source: Volpak)   84 AMEFT 3 2021 

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