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BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY & SNACKS Expertise counts The days when a marshmallow was simply a marshmallow are over. De- pending on the country and market for which it is produced, there may be varying preferences in terms of tex- ture, size and form, appearance, fla- vour release and mouthfeel. And aside from individual marshmallows, there is a large variety of other sweets that use marshmallow as a component – such as marshmallow candies and even ice creams with marshmallow pieces. Each of these products makes differ- (continuation from page 26) as biscuit, bakery, dairy, ice-cream, confectionery, and food service indus- tries. The company operates a choco- late factory and a warehouse in Malle, close to Antwerp, Belgium. Wim Debedts, Vice President Food Manufacturers Western Europe at Barry Callebaut, said “We have a long- standing relationship with ECC and strongly believe in the growth oppor- tunities of highly customized indus- trial specialty chocolate ingredients. The acquisition will help us to further broaden our market position thanks to ECC’s unique know-how and its highly flexible manufacturing facility in Belgium.” Meanwhile, Eric Van Tichelen, Man- aging Director of ECC, said “I am very proud of the specialty chocolate busi- ness we have built from scratch over the past close to 30 years. Joining the Barry Callebaut family will enable and accelerate ECC’s growth with access to new customers and new geographies via a broad sales network, helping to accentuate our unique proposition.” With annual sales of about USD 7.1 billion in fiscal year 2019/20, the Zu- rich based Barry Callebaut Group runs more than 60 production facilities worldwide and serves the entire food industry, from industrial food manu- facturers to artisanal and professional users of chocolate, such as chocolat- iers, pastry chefs, bakers, hotels, res- taurants or caterers. 30 AMEFT 3 2021 ent demands on its formulation, but in all cases, gelatin is the one ingredient that exerts the greatest influence over the quality of the end product. As illustrated, in order to manufac- ture a high-quality marshmallow, the choice of the most suitable gelatin type is crucial. Otherwise, manufac- turers risk spending a lot of time and money on adjustments and readjust- ments of the formulation and the pro- duction process – and they may still never achieve the desired result. In order to create a successful and market-driven product concept, it is also of prime importance that the cor- responding formulation is based on sound experience. Acting as a “trend scout”, GELITA constantly develops new and creative product concepts in line with the latest trends and in- novations for different target groups, markets and positionings. This means that manufacturers who are looking to expand their product portfolio with a marshmallow product have the option of choosing from GELITA’s large variety of innovations or consulting its special- ists to develop a prototype tailored to their own specific needs.    Barry Callebaut to open factory in Kaliningrad, Russia (Source: Barry Callebaut Group) 

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