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BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY & SNACKS In the spotlight: The cooking and cooling behavior of commercially available vanilla puddings  The consumption of vanilla pudding is very popular among the population of many countries and regions. This is shown by the large number of suppliers who offer a broad range of variants, divided into cold-produced prod- ucts and those that need to be cooked. No wonder that even medium-sized discounters and supermarkets may have listed 2-5 different ready-to-cook vanilla pudding mix suppliers. The main ingredient of the mixes is starch, mainly made from maize. Furthermore, they contain table salt, aroma and colorings; partly real bourbon vanilla is also added. Customers experience product quality parameters as taste, color and consistency only with their senses. As this is very subjective, a study conducted by the Brabender company from Duisburg (Germany) concentrates exclusively on one measurable quality parameter: viscosity. In addition to the already mentioned taste and color, this is one of the main sensory properties and thus responsible for the popularity of vanilla pudding. (Source: Brabender)  Fig 1: The consistency of pudding at different temperatures, after replacing water with milk and after adding sugar was examined in Brabender’s practical study. (Source: Brabender) AMEFT 3 2021 31 

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