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 We have done a lot of work on the se- lection of raw materials, and are very active in studying new ingredients that can be tested in our formulas. Today, we are able to come up with formu- las containing plant-based proteins of many origins, while maintaining func- tional and organoleptic stability in our finished products,” declares M. Lucot, Laïta Nutrition Marketing Manager. On the strength of many years of ex- perience in powders and liquids, Laïta Nutrition is announcing the expansion of its range of finished products based on 100% plant proteins, opening up new perspectives for innovation to sat- isfy all types of consumers. Transition from cattle to plants The know-how of Laïta Nutrition in its shift towards plant-based ingredi- ents Going hi-tech: Laïta Nutrition devel- ops unique manufacturing processes allowing its client companies to adapt formulas to consumer needs for plant- based products. In Ploudaniel, Laïta Nutrition specializes in the manufac- In these days of increased awareness of plant-based alter natives, the market in plant-based beverages is looking for more promising solutions than ever. Interest in plant-based foods and drinks is growing, eating habits are changing as plant-based products come to be seen as of primary importance, and consumers have a keen eye for health claims. INGREDIENTS ture of ready-to-eat liquid products. Each product is sterilized and then packaged aseptically, guaranteeing a safe, long-lasting product. Nutrition in focus: Laïta Nutrition has an extensive R&D team of en- gineers and technicians to produce models and prototypes of products containing plant-based proteins. Laïta Nutrition’s Ancenis site has an MSD drying tower and produces milk pow- ders for the nutrition market. Traceability, food safety and more: Laïta Nutrition controls the products, processes, and traceability in order to guarantee the healthy quality and food safety of the products. Identifica- tion and control of the various risks in Laïta Nutrition’s activity ensures that the company’s products meet interna- tional safety standards. The industrial facility in Créhen, France consists of a drying tower and a packaging workshop. This high-tech facility meets the highest international food safety standards: hygienic design, clean-ability, foreign body risk man- agement, etc.   w 21 ww ww w. .a am me e ft ft. . c co o m mA 5 AM M E (Source: Laïta Nutrition) EF FT T3 3 2 20 0 2 15 55 

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