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  Winning mix of A DUE technology for fermented drink production  A DUE Hard Seltzer Processing Plant With juicy technology and spar- kling ideas, A Due S.p.A. designs, manufactures and installs complete and automated process plants for bev- erage segment. Its product range in- cludes the systems for the preparation of fermented beverages, such as Hard Seltzer, but also Kombucha, Kvas, etc., in line with the consumer demand for healthy food resulting from the pan- demic. Hard Seltzer perfectly meets con- sumer taste by offering a refreshing drink perceived as healthy, available in an inexhaustible variety of fruity aro- mas, which lends itself to mixing with other ingredients to obtain ever new drinks. Sparkling (5.5 g/l of carbon di- oxide), low in calories (90-100 per 350 ml serving) with low alcohol content (5% by volume), no added sugar, vegan and gluten free. Bubbly mix Like beer, Hard Seltzers are also the result of an alcoholic fermenta- tion process, in which instead of malt, a suitably treated solution of water and sugar (usually glucose) at 10°Bx is used, where the glucose is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide by a specific yeast strain. To ensure targeted and controlled fermentation it is necessary to subject (Source: A Due S.p.A.)  FOCUS BEVERAGES sugar claim over the last five years (source Mintel GNPD analysis). Symrise decodes consumers’ needs and understands that different con- sumers accept different sweetness solutions: - 32% of consumers feel ready to consume ice cream with the same taste and less sugar. - 18% of consumers would go for less sugar and a less sweet taste. - 20% of consumers would go for less sugar and a new less sweet taste. Based on deep understanding of the relationship between the ice cream matrix, its sugar content and the flavor release, Symrise has designed differ- ent solutions merging its taste balanc- ing technology with its flavor creating expertise to deliver a flavor profile fit- ting consumers’ needs. Through its chefs network and flavor pairing know how, it offers inspired and delicious flavor solutions without any added sugar. Life tastes better with ice cream, whether you feel fond of dairy, plant based or a bit of both. Consumers are looking for healthy options, and they are looking at mak- ing a positive impact on the planet too. Plant-based alternatives have success- fully entered the market with a 40% increase of launches in ice cream over the past five years in Europe (source, Mintel GNPD analysis). Taste and texture Based on Symrise insights, 45% of consumers would consume even more plant based ice cream if it tasted better, and 33% of consumers declare they would eat more dairy alternative if it tasted closer to real dairy (taste and texture). With Symrise’s plant based knowl- edge combined with its Symlife mask- ing solutions, flavor pairing excellence and dairy signature portfolio, produc- ers can embrace the future of vegan ice cream. Ice cream consumers today want it all from authentic indulgent vanilla, to healthy sugar reduced options and conscious vegan consumption! 8 AMEFT 3 2021 

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