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                 enzymatic activity – particularly in large- scale production. This is an example of an area where GEA’s expertise can en- sure a high-quality product,” says Yarom. By working with GEA’s experts, who have decades of juice processing experience, the enzyme technology can be smoothly integrated into existing juice production plants. “We need to create an ideal environ- ment for this sensitive process – the right temperatures, surfaces and con- ditions,” adds Franz-Josef Helms, En- gineering Manager for non-alcoholic beverage production at GEA. “The entire process design is therefore en- gineered for optimum performance under very demanding aseptic pro- duction conditions. This enables con- tinuous juice flow forweeks without recontamination.” As a first step, GEA will produce a module for Better Juice with a capac- ity of 200 litres per hour. This will al- low beverage companies to pilot their reduced-sugar juice. Later, GEA will then supply larger modules with differ- entcapacities that can be integrated in Microbeads (Image Copyright: Better Juice) to existing plants. Driving agile innovation Working with innovation partners like Better Juice gives GEA the oppor- tunity to capture new markets and industries as well as find support for the development of its own ideas with an eye towards their rapid mar- ket launch. Start-ups provide the en- ergy and flexibility required in many fast-moving industries. The give and take between investors, established companies and start-ups is a win- win for all those involved, bringing pioneering solutions and products to customers more quickly and effi- FOCUS BEVERAGES ciently. This is the same reason why GEA became a founding partner of Mass Challenge Switzerland, a busi- ness accelerator program established in 2016, which invests more than USD 2 million in emerging start-ups across the globe each year. As one of its primary sponsors, GEA has an op- portunity to network with start-ups and other participating companies to discuss disruptive ideas in the areas of food, health and energy. Like the joint venture with Better Juice, GEA’s collaboration with start- ups underscores its commitment to “engineering for a better world”. The “new food” innovation focus, for example, is paving the way for industry to transition from conven- tional to high-performance produc- tion; sustainably producing food for the growing global population in an environmentally and ethically sound manner. GEA aims to support its customers as a industrialpartner throughout this journey. \[1\]Source:The Wall Street Journal (2020): “Grocery- Store Rush Spurs Big Gains in Sleepy Orange- Juice Futures”       HYGIENIC CONVEYOR SOLUTIONS OUR TECHNOLOGY IS SHAPED BY YOUR NEEDS    Flex-Turn® Conveyor / Ladder-FlexTM Conveyor / Straight Conveyor Wire Belt Company Ltd, Castle Road, Eurolink Industrial Centre, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3RF Tel: +44 (0) 1795 421771 Fax: +44 (0) 1795 428905 Email: l NEW open leg frame l NEW simplified wash through design  l Easy to clean & maintain l High density blue plastic components AMEFT 3 2021 11     

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