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FOCUS BEVERAGES  New keg trace and tracking solution for BGI‚s brewery in Ethiopia  Montelektro, a leading system in- tegrator in the brewing industry, and 8Sigma, a premium MES provider delivered solution KegTNT (Keg Track & Trace) to a brewery in Addis Ababa. KegTNT is a software solution that tracks kegs throughout their life stages while inside the brewery and within the whole supply chain. Besides the Addis Ababa brewery, during 2021 KegTNT will be imple- mented in two more breweries owned by BGI Ethiopia, whose long brewing tradition dates to the first half of the 20th century. The BGI Ethiopia is owned by French Castel Group which is one of the largest African and among the world‘s ten largest beer producers. The Ethiopian customer required a new, modern solution that will enable them to better manage its keg fleet, reduce costs related to the ownership of kegs, improve quality control, en- sure better maintenance supervision, and to prevent possible keg losses. Montelektro and 8Sigma‘s scope of supply included the implementation of KegTNT solution that collects and saves all the data about kegs‘ lifecycle, tracking it by using the RFID technology. Its main purpose is to provide real-time tracking and traceabil- ity of each keg in the fleet, and better maintenance and quality control. The scope also included a tab- let application for tracking op- erations inside the brewery and a smartphone application for the sales agents. From now on, maintenance, laboratory, and warehouse staff can use tablets equipped with an RFID reader to manage everyday tasks relat- ed to the keg fleet. Sales agen ts can also report, track, and resolve all complaints through the application on their smart- phones. All information is avail- able in real-time, so staff can re- act immediately and identify potential problems even before they happened. Within this project, KegTNT was also integrated with a keg filling plant (capacity of up to 900 kegs/h) that is fully automated and robotized. This integration enables the brewery to automatically collect and analyze data about kegs‘ filling, like produc- tion rates, reject rates, downtimes, and other elements required for an efficient production. These features of KegTNT should help BGI Ethiopia not only to improve resource utilization and the manage- ment of keg fleet, but also to preserve its good reputation and a desirable market position. “Last year was very challenging for the whole world. The brewing industry, just like all others, was in turmoil. We are satisfied because we have man- aged to conclude the project in one of the three contracted breweries in the circumstances of travel restrictions. On this occasion, we would also like to thank Montelektro for their trust and partnership on another project we have successfully delivered together.”, said Vladimir Lukić, Director at 8Sigma. Apart from the mentioned project, 8Sigma and Montelektro continue to cooperate. The most important com- mon project is the development and implementation of MES (Manufac- turing Execution System) solution for the brewing industry, named BeerVi- sion. BeerVision schedules, tracks, and manages all production activities in- side a brewery, from raw materials to the finished product – beer. During production, this Industry 4.0 solution collects and analyzes data about the brewing process in real-time and provides fully integrated data for all operational activities. It connects and integrates the process control sys- tem (PCS) with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). With BeerVision, companies can make decisions faster and easier and manage their businesses much more efficiently. It also helps them improve their product quality and reduce costs. (Source: BGI Ethiopia) AMEFT 3 2021 13 

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